Leadership & Governance

council members


 Council – 2017-2021. The Institutes’ governed by a 8 members Council which is appointed by the Minister of Education on a renewable 3 year term. The powers and duties of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic(KCNP) Council include:

  1. To develop management and financial policies and guide and support the Principal in the attainment of the institute’s Vision and Mission.
  2. The development and regular update institutional master plans and Strategic plan.
  3. Approval of annual budget lines and expenditure requests in relation to the realization of goals, and projections as found in the institutional plans.
  4. To manage all personnel matters, including, but not limited to, employment, classification, compensation, and discipline for employees of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.
  5. The solicitation and management of voluntary support, including financial contributions and support services, for Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.
  6. The evaluation of performance for the Chief Principal and senior management staff.
  7. Entering into contracts or consortium agreements with the industry, public institutions or private companies to provide technical, vocational, college preparatory, and customized training experience.
  8. The delegation of power and control over the business affairs of the institution to the Chief Principal or other administrative head of the institution, as permitted by state law in order to enable the institution to function in a proper and expeditious manner and to meet the requirements of its institutional compact.
  9. Exercising its authority and responsibilities in a manner consistent with and complimentary to the powers and duties as assigned by law or policy to the MOEST in matters pertaining to the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic.
  10. The concentration of attention and resources on certain specific state priorities as described in state law.
  11. Maintain association with the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic relating to the delivery of academic programs or dual credit courses subject to and consistent with the requirements of the relevant law and regulations.