Library and Other Resources

Welcome to our library section where we provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching, and learning needs of the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic community. Our vision is to be to be a center of intense intellectual inquiries attuned to technological excellence.
We are guided by our values and objectives. The library is open to all current registered students and staff. All registered members must clear with the library at expiry of their membership. There are also rules to be followed pertaining lending and borrowing, internet access and the general discipline To access the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic‘s e-Library facility, click here.
We now have e-books and resources. Kindly Click on the Links below to view the Various books per the different Subjects.

View details of the online resources at:

  1. IMF eLibrary
  2. Taylor and francis ebooks:
  3. Taylor and francis journals:
  4. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journals:
  5. Oxford University Press E-books:
  6. British Institute of Radiology Journals:
  7. Operations Research and Management Sciences:
  8. JSTOR:
  9. Liebert Online:
  10. Cambridge University Press:
  11. Canadian Science Publishing (NRC Research Press journals):
  12. EBSCO Host Research Databases:
  13. EBSCO Religion and Theology Collection:
  14. Royal Society of Chemistry – RSC Journals Archive:
  15. Sage Journals:
  16. American Physical Society:
  17. Geological Society – The Lyell Collection Complete:
  18. Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS):
  19. Oxford University Press:
  20. Oxford Dictionaries:
  21. Oup Oxford journals: