Sports and Recreation

College Sports

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic is a member of the Kenya Technical Training Institutes Sports Organization (KETTISO). Our teams consistently perform close to the top. We offer basketball, athletics men and women, football men and women, volleyball men and women, handball men, swimming and volleyball.

Campus Recreation

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic provides plenty of opportunities for our students to become more active and involved. Opportunities include Intramurals, Club Sports, Outdoor Adventures, Journey, and many more.

Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (KCNP) CULTURAL DAY Cultural day is held to promote togetherness in diversity among different communities and to build bridges to help emerge as one proud and united nation where our tribal cultures do not matter. The theme of the event is different every year, 2012 was; TOGETHER IN DIVERSITY. The event is organized by the student Council Officials known as Student Organization of Kenya Coast National Polytechnic (SOMTTI) through the approval of the Chief Principal and support from the Dean of Students. There are various activities that are held to make the day successful some of which are:

  1. Dancing competition.
  2. Eating competition.
  3. African Fashion shows.
  4. Showcase of the Kenyan dishes.
  5. Singing competition.
  6. The music club group performance.
  7. Comedy presentations.
  8. Modeling Shows.
  9. Entertainments.

The adjudicators are usually prominent persons including senior staff and the community around who adjudicators and decide on the winners in every activity and the results. The winners of 2012 were:

  1. Eating Competition : Sabbas Njuguna.
  2. Comedy Presentation : Kevin Kisochi, Kimbau Dan.
  3. MR. MTTI : Andy Geofrey.
  4. MRS MTTI : Verah Owaga.
  5. Show case of Dishes : Every group was a winner.
  6. Modern Dances : Jimmy and Billy
  7. Traditional Dances : Each group was a winner.
  8. Solo Dance : Nelvin Ochieng.
  9. Gospel Singers : Brian Murugi.

All the students who participate in each event are given a token to appreciate their participation. The adjudicators are also recognized and appreciated with a token. All students are encouraged and sensitized on the importance of this event. The lectures are also be given an opportunity to participate in the cultural event in order to encourage the students.